Saturday, January 24, 2015

Booking it! "Before" Rebranding (Can't wait to develop the "After"..)

I've recently begun working with Chapel Hill Press, located in the home town of my alma mater of the University of North Carolina. I am thrilled!

This "Before" shot will set the stage for what's about to come...transformation.

Over the next nine months, I will be strategizing and bringing life a new brand narrative for this fantastic publishing house that includes a refreshed brand identity, custom photography, rich stationery suite, robust e-commerce website and new social media presence. I have hired the talented ladies at Stitch Design Co. in Charleston as my design team. Together, we will weave a brand new story....

Chapel Hill Press is owned and led by Edwina Woodbury, the former EVP CFO of Avon. Not only is Ms. Woodbury incredibly accomplished and visionary, she is an entrepreneur with heart. She believes in the power of people's personal stories -- whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biography, memoir, hobby -- and is enabling them to be read.

Like a gripping novel, I bet you can't wait to find out what happens in the next chapter of Chapel Hill Press...! 

Check back this autumn for the big reveal. 

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