Thursday, May 19, 2022

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Monday, March 21, 2022

Something good is brewing.....

After five+ years of fun times spent in the advertising world branding, rebranding, launching products + leading teams to develop award-winning marketing / advertising campaigns for companies nationally, regionally + locally, I'm ready to shake things up + seek energizing opportunities. 

Remote or hybrid, here or there, I am open to possibilities wherever they arise.

"The Best Part of Wakin' Up is Folgers In Your Cup" + I am ready for the new day.

(Love that 80s slogan...classic. Might I suggest that P&G brings this jingle back, remixed.)

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Full steam ahead!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lissa Lowe + Lowe's?

Nope, it's not nepotism. Lissa Lowe is over at Lowe's HQ for a stint, taking a fresh look the company's in-house home decor brands, and making recos during my stay. 

Betcha' didn't know that the cute powder-coated turquoise plant stand (Garden Treasures) and that mix+match fillable glass table lamp with studded drum shade (allen+roth) seen here are both exclusively sold at Lowe's....Under $50 each!

Wow. I didn't. Not until now.

Love that margin-driven private brands housed within this expansive chain of retail home improvement stores are stepping up the style game for all of us budget-conscious DIYers out there.

Now that's what I call a door opener!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Words, well-crafted

With the relaunch for client Chapel Hill Press underway, I wanted to share these snippets of ink of the my work, per se, created in collaboration with Stitch Design Co.

Here, I created the brand architecture and tagline; developed framework, wrote copy and directed photography for e-commerce website with blog; oversaw creation of refreshed logo for stationery, collateral, social media. 

Even better, publishing inquiries have increased substantially in the last three months since launch!

This selection of imagery represents the main tenets of the rebranding initiative -- to express a place where:

personal touch is paramount

heritage is honored 

individualism is the gold standard

word craft is embraced for its earnestness

You will see this creative sampling also reflects this bespoke publishing house that is full of integrity, design savvy, not to mention humanity + heart. 

I also personally conceived the company's tagline. I felt its double entendre both speaks to the detailed process of book-writing and book-making. 

Chapel Hill Press. Words, well-crafted.

No surprise, coming from the genteel CEO Edwina Woodbury, former EVP / CFO of Avon Products, Inc. Not only is she truly a southern lady, but also she is whip smart and dedicated to full-service book-making and personal touch for emergent and established authors alike.

Strategic, artful, simple...and...well-crafted: I definitely relished this made-to-measure opportunity to rebrand a delightful, thoughtful, successful company.

Thank you, Chapel Hill Press. 

Images courtesy of Stitch Design Co.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pattern Play

Today, I ventured over to Pottery Barn Kids in need of kiddo supplies. As a big fan of hearts of all kinds, my heart kinda stopped over these....

Because I co-conceived these:

2012 PLATYPUS DESIGNER DUCT TAPE (the predecessor)

Coincidence? Hmmmm.....

These PBK hearts sure look similar to a 2012 "I Heart Tape" pattern co-conceived with my super fab client Platypus Designer Duct Tape. An upstart brand, I not only rebranded this company, but also led creative, marketing + PR efforts and new product development/assortment too.

Unlike the competition, our patterns were specifically designed to mix+match so that tapes would beautifully and seamlessly integrate for fashion-forward projects including wearables, jewelry/accessories, general crafting and DIY decorating. 

All led to national press as well as greater retail distribution, and expanded use of products, particularly within the home sector. 

For "inspiration," check out these super quick, budget-friendly ideas that uplevel, upcycle + uplift! Who can resist such easy, stylish improvement? Not me.
  • Small bulletin board in "I Heart Tape" with bow in "Sour Apple Linen"
  • Hair bow in "Pink Polka Dot"
  • Magazine holder in "I Heart Tape"
  • Cubby storage unit in "Picnic Gingham"
  • Pencil cup in "Houndstooth" and "Denim"
  • Pencils and clips in "Real Leopard," "Argyle," "Pink Polka Dot" + "Picnic Gingham"
  • Bulletin board in "Grass," "Argyle" + "Sour Apple Linen"
  • Picture frame in "Pool Chevron"
  • Assorted covered boxes in "Jolly Roger" + more
  • Paper bin in "I Heart Tape"

Select patterns above include: Pink Polka Dot, Sour Apple Linen, Picnic Gingham, Houndstooth, Denim, Real Leopard, Argyle, Jolly Roger, Green Grass, Pool Chevron + I Heart Tape.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Novel Approach....

After much conceptual development and creative teamwork with Stitch Design Co., I'm happy to reveal the new and improved indie publisher Chapel Hill Press! Everything about this client project was custom: from brand architecture, photography with Olivia Rae James, styling and composition, website design, and social media presence to illustrative ink wells and animated feather quills!

As full-service, book-makers, Chapel Hill Press combines brilliant leadership, true southern hospitality and super (book) smarts to make one fine publishing house. True to its brand tenets, thoughtfulness, attention to detail and good old-fashioned communication sets Chapel Hill Press apart from the shapeless sameness of other publishing mills...and it shows.

Edwina Woodbury, former CFO of AVON, lends not only personal touch but business acumen to the business of book conception and construction. She believes no story should be left unturned, and welcomes emerging authors of all kinds to embrace their passions and share their experiences with others. She pushes humanity forward.

I couldn't be more proud of this novel work...Soulful and beautiful, that's why print matters.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

What's in a name?....

Embarking on rebranding is always a challenge. 

The toughest client I've ever met: Lissa Lowe. 

(Sounds akin to Mark Twain's "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco...," doesn't it?)

Truthfully, it wasn't difficult to define my brand. I am pretty clear about what I believe about myself and what I want to offer to clients, colleagues, friends, and family alike. The challenging part was expressing it graphically, colorfully, smartly on budget. And, on time.

Enter Kaori Drome, a graphic designer whom I met through a letterpress friend of mine, Evan Calkins of Hoban Press. (Check out the fab work created by each of them!)

My directive to Kaori was to leverage my initials --  LL -- in the brand architecture keeping these principles in mind:
  • The LL logo is the foundation. It must fundamentally be able to stand alone, but -- importantly -- must work as a specific grouping having a common thread.
  • Figuratively, LL logo needed to feel open, like avenues of communication allowing for two-way exchange + free-flowing ideas.
  • Aesthetically, LL logo had to be uncomplicated + creatively thoughtful in form with the resulting pattern articulating modernism, minimalism, and interconnectivity. The color palette requires moxie. A selection of singleminded hues that also enjoy being a part of a collective family.
  • Lastly, there needed to be unexpectedness in the LL logo construction -- a new way to express "think outside of a box." After all, LL's form a square. The overall approach had to "think different," the perfect nod to my days as Senior Worldwide Advertising Manager at Apple. There needed to be unconventionality amid harmonious form.
No small task.

Not only was Kaori was spot on with creating workable designs, she is a pattern whiz....and a very professional, personable designer. Our virtual collaboration was a joy.

Without further adieu, here's the work that transpired for both my corporate and personal brand identity and I couldn't be more thrilled!
Together, I think we nailed it. 

There is equity in establishing the architecture of this brand. 

And, it shows.