Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Words, well-crafted

With the relaunch for client Chapel Hill Press underway, I wanted to share these snippets of ink of the my work, per se, created in collaboration with Stitch Design Co.

Here, I created the brand architecture and tagline; developed framework, wrote copy and directed photography for e-commerce website with blog; oversaw creation of refreshed logo for stationery, collateral, social media. 

Even better, publishing inquiries have increased substantially in the last three months since launch!

This selection of imagery represents the main tenets of the rebranding initiative -- to express a place where:

personal touch is paramount

heritage is honored 

individualism is the gold standard

word craft is embraced for its earnestness

You will see this creative sampling also reflects this bespoke publishing house that is full of integrity, design savvy, not to mention humanity + heart. 

I also personally conceived the company's tagline. I felt its double entendre both speaks to the detailed process of book-writing and book-making. 

Chapel Hill Press. Words, well-crafted.

No surprise, coming from the genteel CEO Edwina Woodbury, former EVP / CFO of Avon Products, Inc. Not only is she truly a southern lady, but also she is whip smart and dedicated to full-service book-making and personal touch for emergent and established authors alike.

Strategic, artful, simple...and...well-crafted: I definitely relished this made-to-measure opportunity to rebrand a delightful, thoughtful, successful company.

Thank you, Chapel Hill Press. 

Images courtesy of Stitch Design Co.

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