Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pattern Play

Today, I ventured over to Pottery Barn Kids in need of kiddo supplies. As a big fan of hearts of all kinds, my heart kinda stopped over these....

Because I co-conceived these:

2012 PLATYPUS DESIGNER DUCT TAPE (the predecessor)

Coincidence? Hmmmm.....

These PBK hearts sure look similar to a 2012 "I Heart Tape" pattern co-conceived with my super fab client Platypus Designer Duct Tape. An upstart brand, I not only rebranded this company, but also led creative, marketing + PR efforts and new product development/assortment too.

Unlike the competition, our patterns were specifically designed to mix+match so that tapes would beautifully and seamlessly integrate for fashion-forward projects including wearables, jewelry/accessories, general crafting and DIY decorating. 

All led to national press as well as greater retail distribution, and expanded use of products, particularly within the home sector. 

For "inspiration," check out these super quick, budget-friendly ideas that uplevel, upcycle + uplift! Who can resist such easy, stylish improvement? Not me.
  • Small bulletin board in "I Heart Tape" with bow in "Sour Apple Linen"
  • Hair bow in "Pink Polka Dot"
  • Magazine holder in "I Heart Tape"
  • Cubby storage unit in "Picnic Gingham"
  • Pencil cup in "Houndstooth" and "Denim"
  • Pencils and clips in "Real Leopard," "Argyle," "Pink Polka Dot" + "Picnic Gingham"
  • Bulletin board in "Grass," "Argyle" + "Sour Apple Linen"
  • Picture frame in "Pool Chevron"
  • Assorted covered boxes in "Jolly Roger" + more
  • Paper bin in "I Heart Tape"

Select patterns above include: Pink Polka Dot, Sour Apple Linen, Picnic Gingham, Houndstooth, Denim, Real Leopard, Argyle, Jolly Roger, Green Grass, Pool Chevron + I Heart Tape.

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